Why I missed my bus

My palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms were heavy…. Hang on that’s not too original. But frustratingly true, I definitely over packed for my wee excursion around east and southern Africa. But I digress. I planned to leave last week. I woke up a little late on this particular day and realised I had a precious little time to pack up my scattered belongings and be outside to get my bus taking me from The Funky Cichlid to Lilongwe. Lugging my stuff from my room out to the car park, I realised I was slightly early and had a few minutes to wait.

Now I know what the readership must be thinking, and it struck me as well….I hadn’t brushed my teeth! I quickly took care of this and came back to my bags.

Now I had some time to think about the fact I was leaving Funky’s to go back to Lilongwe, which in my eyes is just another big African city. I actually had a choice here. A decision that would change my life (well, a week or so anyway). A quick glance left and I could see the hammocks and beach chairs I had become very acquainted with over the last little while. There aren’t many better views to read a book or relax with new friends. Did I want them to become relics of a former era of my life so soon? I haven’t sat in hammock number 3 yet, maybe I should stay…

A glance right and I see the kayaks and snorkeling gear I’d used multiple times over the last few days. I’d been around Thumbi Island and taken in all that it had to offer, I’d explored Otters Point at Sunset, “I could definitely be blown away by that sight again”, I thought. I’d snorkeled with the abundance of fish and seen the fish eagles dance their beautiful dance before gracefully coming from the sky to take their prey. “I haven’t scuba-dived yet” I thought, maybe I should stay…

My mind turned to the nights sitting at the Funky bar. How nice is it that all the staff learn your name on day one?! How nice is it feeling like being at a home away from home?! I’ve seen a fair few sunsets in my time but I’ve never seen a whole bar get up at the same time, look to west and make for their phones to take yet another photo of a spectacular mango, watermelon and royal gala apple coloured sunset. “I’m sure it will be good again tonight”, maybe I should stay …

“Maybe i should stay”

In my daydreaming state I realised the bus was in front of me. I did a wee head shake to bring myself back to reality. Was I to make this decision? My natural reaction was to step into the bus and climb over a sea of bodies to my seat in the back. What am I doing?? Sitting in my seat I felt as comfortable as a garden gnome at a giants convention. Nope. Nope. and Nope. “I’ve changed my mind” I said with the most authoritative voice I could muster. Climbing over the sea of humans again I felt mildly liberated.

I grabbed my bags and walked back to the bar and felt something like Jordan Belfort in the Wolf of Wall Street, although using less expletives, when I checked myself back in. I’ve been here for another 10 days and still haven’t booked another bus.


  • Tom Fuller, temporary resident
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