Lake Malawi, Cape Maclear, New Years 2018

The Funky Cichlid, Lake Malawi, Cape Maclear

Funky's Flyby in Cape Maclear

A promo video Kosmos Saudade made for The Funky Cichlid in Cape Maclear, Malawi. One of the most relaxed hostels in one of the most beautiful places.

Funky's Promo I Sheina Raskin

Promotional film for the Funky Cichlid, a wonderful lodge on the shores of the magical Lake Malawi. Africa truly has some hidden gems and Malwai is full of them.

Malawi shot from above

Malawi shot from above | Kosmos Saudade | Malawi 4K Drone DJI Mavic Pro

The warm heart of Africa

This video by VisitMalawiOfficial shows you a snippet of the variety Malawi has to offer. Malawi is known as the Warm Heart of Africa because its people are so friendly and climate so temperate.

Check out that view!

Bhubesi Pride unite, inspire & empower youth through rugby. We host their volunteers for a little R&R. Watch this video showcasing their experiences in malawi, featuring funkys with that opening view of Thumbi Island from our deck & closing Aerial footage of our stunning spot & the Cape Meclear Bay.

Superdik Pyjama Party

Our Dutch friends at came to stay and made a cool little video to promote their latest creation the Pyjama Party Pants! These guys rock, they make awesome limited edition clothing.. once it’s gone it’s gone!

This was filmed by Eric and Ari at the Funky Cichlid and around Cape Maclear.

Lake Malawi - Malawian Style!

Our partners Malawian Style made this awesome video around Cape Maclear and Lake Malawi.. check it out! Malawian Style create incredible adventure holidays, tours and safaris around Malawi and Zambia. It’s a little taster of what you could get up to at the Funky Cichlid!

Happy - We are from Malawi!

Mary’s Meals are an amazing charity in Malawi that feeds some 989,791 of the world’s poorest children everyday they attend school.

Mary’s Meals’ version of Pharrell Williams “Happy” to celebrate International Day of Happiness! Starring some of the children receiving Mary’s Meals in Malawi and their staff.


Malawi – the warm heart of Africa. We felt the warmth of the Malawi people from the very first second we arrived. At the chaotic border post, we told vendors exchanging cash and selling 3rd party insurance, “No thank you”, but after the 100th time, I used a few choice words out of frustration. When asking the border official whether our insurance was appropriate, he replied with “Exactly”, which we interpreted as – its good to go!