What On Earth is that “Siklid”?

Malawi is home to a huge variety of African Cichlids most of which can only be found in Lake Malawi. While Cichlids are best known for their striking appearance and unusual colours the scientific categorisation of the Cichlidae family actually refers to the way the mothers look after their young. The eggs develop and hatch in the mothers mouth, this is called ‘mouthbrooding’… what an excellent word! After the baby fish hatch the mother gobbles up all her babies… but only as protection when danger approaches. This might look like the mother is eating her young but her mouth is actually a pretty safe hiding place!

Cichlids are very popular among collectors, while they are nice to look at in an aquarium they are best seen in their natural habitat in Lake Malawi. They are an incredible fish should be treated as such, a rise in popularity of aquarium enthusiasts is endangering the natural population.. we need to look after them!

People travel from all over the world to see these beautiful creatures and the Funky Cichlid is one of the best places to do it. We are right on the beach in Cape Maclear looking out out over Thumbi, Domwe and Mumbo islands. Otter’s Point is one of our favourite spots for snorkelling with Cichlids in crystal clear waters.

The Funky Cichlid has boats and snorkelling gear and we know all the best places to find these awesome little fish! We can even arrange scuba diving if you fancy exploring a bit deeper.

How do you pronounce 'Cichlid'?

We’ve heard some pretty funny pronunciations of ‘Cichlid’, my favourite so far was ‘Chickeylid’!

It’s actually quite easy to say if you know how, phonetically it is pronounced ‘SIK-LID‘.