Cape Maclear &
Sustainable Tourism

THE place to be in Malawi (for a less biased opinion, check out our traveller reviews..)

Named by David Livingstone, but also commonly known as Chembe / The Cape / Cape Mac: a range of accommodation options reside on the lakeshore, at the backdrop of a large village with the most welcoming, enthusiastic and friendly residents.

We’re situated in UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lake Malawi National Park, with exquisite scenery and rich ecosystems. Cape Mac has been describes as an African Oasis due to its turquoise waters alike tropical island escapes. Golden sands (also the name of the west beach) merge with a rocky mountainous backdrop leading you up untamed paths to incredible viewpoints.

Traditionally a hipping village and once a hippie-hangout/off-track campers site, it’s developed over the years with more restaurants and facilities – something for everyone. It’s still somewhat of a hidden gem, off the standard overland route and a wonderful meeting point for locals and world travellers, as vital relationships between lodges and local residents.


Lodge Owners in Cape Maclear have recently teamed together, commiting to a sustainable tourism strategy to give back to, but more importantly, EMPOWER, the wider community of Chembe Village and assist conservation initiatives in the national park.

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There are many fantastic initiatives and successful projects to support when you visit us. Please contact us to find out how you can help community development and empowerment in Cape Maclear & Pack for Purpose if you’re interested in donating goods which are hard to come by here, but will make a real difference.

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Highlights of Lake Malawi National Park: