7 things to do under 5 guest-blog-the-funky-cichlid-beach-bar-accommodation-lake-malawi-cape-maclear
Traveling in Malawi doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of free or cheap activities for the budget traveler. And guess what? Your stay at Cape Maclear won’t be less special! Fun guaranteed! Here our favorite activities for less than $5 dollar in Cape Maclear. Kayaking or Stand Up Paddling Rent a kayak or sup...
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why i missed my bus -guest-blog-the-funky-cichlid-beach-bar-accommodation-camping-lake-malawi-cape-maclear
My palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms were heavy…. Hang on that’s not too original. But frustratingly true, I definitely over packed for my wee excursion around east and southern Africa. But I digress. I planned to leave last week. I woke up a little late on this particular day and realised I had a...
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cichlid blog-african-cichlid-Siklid-fish-cape-maclear-experience-makers-backpacking-mangochi-district-monkey-bay-lake-malawi
Malawi is home to a huge variety of African Cichlids most of which can only be found in Lake Malawi. While Cichlids are best known for their striking appearance and unusual colours the scientific categorisation of the Cichlidae family actually refers to the way the mothers look after their young. The eggs develop and hatch...
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Never-ending Wanderlust -blog-the-funky-cichlid-beach-bar-kayaking-accommodation-camping-lake-malawi-cape-maclear
Make the most of Africa by venturing into the deepest wilderness to see some of the most majestic animals and varied wildlife this planet has to offer. We have teamed up with South Luangwa Safaris to offer you some amazing deals on incredible safari trips.
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