7 things to do under $5

Traveling in Malawi doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of free or cheap activities for the budget traveler. And guess what? Your stay at Cape Maclear won’t be less special! Fun guaranteed! Here our favorite activities for less than $5 dollar in Cape Maclear.

Kayaking or Stand Up Paddling

Rent a kayak or sup at The Funky Chicklid and spend your day on the water. There are plenty nice places to explore. Cream yourself with sunscreen, you don’t want to get burned! The best thing about this activity? Enjoying amazing views while exercising!

Price: Kayak and Sup $5 for 2 hours  – half price for Funky guests

Play floating beer pong

What? Floating beer pong? Is that a real thing? Yes it is! And you can play it at Funky!! So gather some friends, ask the staff for the supplies, get some beers and game on!

price: free (you only have to buy some beers – 3 beers a person $3)

Spend your day on the beach

What is a stay at the lake without spending some time on the beach? Cape Maclear has a beautiful beach with orange colored sand and clear water! When chilling on the beach, it doesn’t feel like a lake. It’s so big, you can’t even see anything on the end of the horizon. Woman washing their clothes, children playing in the water… enough to see. And the children will see you! Probably they will approach you to take pictures or just to play a bit. They’re the best! Rather chill a bit? Rent a snorkel and explore the underwater life of Lake Malawi.

Price: snorkel rent $5 for 2 hours – half price for Funky guests

Join a beach concert

Every day, around 4.30 pm, a group of little boys walks on the beach to perform. Songs as ‘Who let the dogs out’ and ‘Waka Waka’, they rock them all with their own made instruments. Oh, and let’s not forget the dancers. They dance even better than Shakira herself!

Price: they will ask you for a donation, pay whatever you want to pay  

Learn how to Bao

Bao is a traditional mancala board game played in most of East Africa. It is played by two persons, one person for each side, on a wooden board with 32 holes with 2 seeds each. The objective of the game is to leave the opponent with an empty inner row, by moving the seeds from one to the other hole. Yes, that sounds complicated and it needs some explanation but as soon you understand the basic rules you will see it is a fun game! So… looking for a fun board game? Go to the Funky Cichlid and ask one of the employees to play with you. Fun guaranteed!

price: free

Buy 5 beers and enjoy sunset

Golden hour. Our favorite moment of the day. Sunset at Cape Maclear means a real-life painting of the most beautiful colors. Nothing better to spend this moment with your friends and a beer. And beers are cheap! You already have a ‘green one’ – another name for Carlsberg – for $1. Not a beer lover? Lucky you! Gin Tonic’s are $1 as well. So buy a few and see the sun disappearing in the lake.

price: $1 for 1 beer or Gin Tonic!

Buy napkins for you mom

Of course, you want to bring your family some souvenirs. Cape Maclear is the place to score some handmade souvenirs. And if you’re a good bargainer, you can bring a lot home! Directly on the beach of the Funky Cichlid, you will find a few friendly vendors. Love, Fountain and their friends offer you textile, wooden pipes, necklaces and many more. Buy some textile with the most colorful prints, and let them create new shorts, t-shirts, blankets or some napkins for your mom.

price: some examples – wooden pipe $4, shorts $7, napkins $6